Velo-City 2019: Infrastructure is the backbone

This week I’m at Velo-City 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. I had the pleasure of speaking at Thursday morning’s plenary session, making the case for comfortable bicycle infrastructure. The session kicked off with Burkhard Stork, Director of the German Cyclists` Association (Bundesgeschäftsführer Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e. V.), taking on John Forester and vehicular cycling. He shared the story of being inspired by Roger Geller’s Four Types of Cyclists and how it changed how his organization approaches advocacy and planning, shifting from a vehicular cycling approach to expanding comfortable infrastructure. One piece of evidence of the effect? Burkhard shared Geller’s quote that “riding a bicycle should not require bravery” and then displayed a recent quote from Germany’s Transport Minister: “Riding a bike should not require bravery.”

BStork_PlenaryGellerQuote BStork_PlenaryTransportMinister

Here are my slides from my talk, which makes the case for building bike boulevards and protected bike lanes, using my research from the U.S.: Dill_Velo-City2019

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