How to schedule a time to meet with me

With administrative responsibilities, my schedule and inbox are crazier than ever. People often want to meet with me. They convey that in an email. That email can generate several other emails trying to identify a day and time. This phenomenon is discussed in this great post about scheduling meetings. Here are the three best ways to try to schedule a meeting with me:

1. Sign up for office hours. NOTE: I will not be scheduling any office hours until I return from sabbatical in Fall 2020.
If you are a current PSU student, I have some blocks of time on my calendar set aside for office hours. Click here to find them. If they work for you, grab one. It’s yours.

2. Make an appointment by looking at my google calendar. NOTE: While I am on sabbatical from my faculty role in 2019-20, I will generally not schedule meetings related to advising, prospective new students, teaching, classes, etc. If you are a current advisee, we’ve talked about meeting while I’m on sabbatical and you know what to do. 
If you are a student or employee at PSU (i.e. you have a email address), go your your google calendar ( Make sure you’re logged on with your address and not a gmail address. The systems are separate. Go to the bottom left area where it says “Other Calendars.” There is a box below to “Add a coworker’s calendar.” If you don’t see it, click the arrow to make it show up. Type in You’ll see my calendar and all the times I already have meetings (labeled as “busy”). If I’m gone all day on travel, that will usually be blocked off. Find a time that works for you and that I am not busy. Add a calendar item to your calendar and invite me as a guest. You could explain the meeting in the description box or in an invitation email. Make the appointment title descriptive, e.g. “Jane Smith and J. Dill meet about draft dissertation.” If the day and time doesn’t work for me, even though my calendar indicates it might, I’ll decline and send a message with other options. Otherwise, I’ll accept and we’re all set.

3. Send an email, but with some suggested days and times.
If you are not a PSU student or employee, you can’t see my google calendar. Sorry, it’s just the way the PSU system is set up. Send me an email explaining what you want to meet about and three possible days and times. Please make them at least a week out.

Unless you or I specify otherwise, we’ll meet in my USP faculty office — room 370P of the Urban Center on the PSU campus. Enter through the main office for the School, room 350.