My Research

I strive to conduct research that helps professionals and policymakers make better decisions when planning, engineering, and designing cities and infrastructure. I was motivated to become a professor and researcher after spending a decade working in California as a transportation and air quality planner, witnessing firsthand the need for strong evidence in decision-making. Linking research and practice is central to my work. To date, I have been PI or co-PI on nearly $4 million in funded research. My work is published in peer-reviewed journals, as well as technical reports and other venues. I often collaborate with colleagues in other disciplines, including civil engineering and psychology, as well as my students.

  • To see a list of my current and past research projects, with links to related products, check out my TREC researcher profile.
  • To access many of my research publications, you can view my Selected Works page. Some of these are available from the PSU library website, but many journal articles are behind paid “firewalls.”
  • You can also check my Google Scholar profile.