A bit more on top cited papers & authors

After sharing my post about bicycle research, Corey Burger asked on Twitter if I had a list of most cited articles by year. My reply: “I produced the list in 2017 for most cited overall. It hasn’t changed much. But perhaps by year could be more interesting, for newer articles. Stay tuned.”

I have now added a few sheets to a google sheet I produced for my previous blog post┬ábased on Google Scholar’s metrics. There I have the articles published in 2015-2017 with at least 15 citations as of late July 2019. I haven’t spent the time to add links, but the DOIs are there, so you can copy and paste to find the papers.

Doing this reminded me that I had looked at the top cited authors, and forgot to include that in the original post. The analysis is limited to the first author, which unfortunately does not recognize the collaborative work being done. Here are the ones with at least 200 citations. There is a sheet on the Google sheet with a list of all first authors with 100 or more citations.

Top cited authors


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