T&C Data Analysis Workshop

For our workshop, Data Analysis for Smarties who Forgot what they Learned in College, we will be using data from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey. You can learn more about the NHTS here. The regular files for the NHTS are huge, with thousands of households and people. I have created a manageable Excel file that includes only the person-level data for the state of Oregon, with some of the less useful variables omitted.

Here is the data file we will be using:  NHTS2017_person_ORonly_forTCW

This is a file that explains the variables in the data file: NHTS file dictionary

Download these two files. Spend a few minutes looking at the file dictionary, so you can jump into doing some analysis at the workshop.

We will be using Excel for our data analysis. If you do not have Excel on your laptop, don’t worry; you should be able to pair up with another workshop participant. (You could upload the data in Google sheets, but many of the tools we will use for analysis are not available in Google.)

Within Excel, you need to have the Analysis ToolPak active. To do so, follow these instructions: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/load-the-analysis-toolpak-in-excel-6a63e598-cd6d-42e3-9317-6b40ba1a66b4

Note: If you have a problem with this, look for the Manage option at the bottom. Pick Excel Add-ins, and click Go.

I’m also providing this handy spreadsheet, that does a few useful things, easier than with Excel’s data analysis tools: POLYSTAT. Go ahead and download it. The spreadsheet came with a 2005 textbook, Applied Statistics for Public Policy.


If you have any questions, email me: jdill@pdx.edu